Bryan Haab


Bryan Haab is a multiple award-winning (Swiss/Canadian) artist and social entrepreneur. He has always been interested in art that deals with values. His intention is that his art should not only be accessible to an exclusive elite but should also resonate with people from different strata of our society. He is always consciously looking for new opportunities for collaborations with artists from various fields and people from marginal groups in our society. After completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts training in Calgary, Canada, more than 40 exhibitions were held, most of them in Switzerland, and four different organizations were set up: the Soul Works Foundation for social sculpture, the Humus activation studio for art therapy, the Fairp(l)ay NonProfit for serious play in social justice and the Company Haab, Art Design Handwork.

Born in northern Canada in 1974, Bryan Haab now lives with his family in Ziefen.


Through over 20 years of experience with renovations and redevelopment, Bryan Haab has succeeded in turning all his projects into something unique. With the use of a wide range of materials, he can skillfully implement new design elements in a refreshing way that will bring warmth and style to your space. We specialize in integrating art and design elements in construction.  They can transform your building, environment, and showroom into something unique and special. You can expect to have conceptualization, planning, and implementation all from a single source. Please check out some of the team’s work by clicking on Design/Handwork.


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